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Low-Cost Audit Protection Services Add an Extra Revenue Stream For your Office

Tax filing errors happen, and when they do, they cost your clients money and leave your office with the headache of remediating the mistake. What if you could offer your clients a service that not only helped guide them through the audit process but covered the costs associated with filing errors. Protection Plus is a low-cost service that provides insurance for taxpayers against IRS audits originating from tax preparation mistakes, identity theft protection, and a team of tax professionals that take the responsibility of fixing errors your office has made. Not only is it a smart decision for your clients, but it can add another revenue stream to your tax product offerings.

Protect Yourself

How Does Protection Plus Help Your Clients?

When taxpayers get a call from the IRS informing them they are being audited, their next call will be to you. They may be frightened or angry and will undoubtedly be looking for help and advice. Protection Plus is here to help in these exact situations. Problems in tax filings like CP 2000, schedule issues, and denied credits are common mistakes that tax professionals make and can cost clients thousands. Rather than spending valuable tax season hours fixing these problems yourself, let Protection Plus’ team of EAs and CPAs take over.

When your clients have purchased Protection Plus, they get a dedicated team member to help interpret the audit, create documentation portfolios, draft correspondence, and represent the taxpayer if the situation requires. On top of that, if your office is found to have committed the error, Protection Plus will reimburse the taxpayer up to $2,500 for additional fees, penalties, and interests they may owe. Protection Plus also comes with a comprehensive package of identity theft restoration services, including monitoring tax-related ID fraud, stolen credit card activity, and compromised bank accounts. All services last for three years after the initial coverage was purchased.

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How Does Offering Protection Plus Audit Assistance to Your Clients Benefit Your Tax Preparation Business?

There are three significant benefits to offering Protection Plus to your clients as an additional tax product. First, allowing the professional EAs and CPAs to manage audit issues will enable you to continue to focus on your tax season workload. Conversations with the taxpayer and IRS officials and document preparation takes valuable time away from your core business. Second, it allows you additional services to add to your revenue stream. You can offer Protection Plus as an add-on service or roll it into your core offerings and enable clients to opt-out. Third, it increases your clients’ attachment to your business. When taxpayers have their identity theft protection through your company, they will return for other services in the future.

By providing peace of mind to your clients, and extra benefits to your business, Protection Plus is a win for everyone. Contact Taxprolink today to get started.

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