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Taxprolink is the Affordable Tax Filing Software Solution Professionals Turn to When Accuracy and Ease of Use Matter

Taxprolink is the affordable tax preparation software solution that budget-minded tax professionals rely on to streamline their client’s filings during tax season. Feature-rich and user-friendly, Taxprolink allows tax professionals the ability to get set up and ready to file quickly without the headaches typically associated with other tax software. Cloud-based and designed to work on both desktop and mobile devices, Taxprolink is the perfect tax filing software for the individual professional on the go or those running a multi-user office that does not want to manage complicated networks and servers.

Major Benefits

Manage Your Filings From the Cloud

Manage Your Filings From the Cloud

No more download, installations, updates, or servers. Access all tax tools from your browser.

Let Your Team File From Anywhere

Let Your Team File From Anywhere

Manage all of your clients’ filings from anywhere anytime! Perfect for remote workers or satellite offices.

Robust Features That Scale as You Grow

Robust Features That Scale as You Grow

A comprehensive suite of professional tax tools and with the flexibility you need to build your business.

The Flexibility, Simplicity, and Scalability You Need for Your Growing Operation

Since Taxprolink is cloud-based, the software runs entirely in the browsers you use every day. There is no downloading or installing any software. Sign up, log in, and you are ready to get to work. Your office will always be up to date with the latest versions and features as they become available. Taxprolink is a maintenance-free filing solution that allows you and your team to focus on your clients rather than your technology.

Taxprolink is the perfect solution for growing tax preparation teams. The cloud-based architecture allows for both centralized teams to work in the same office or distributed teams to work remotely, from home, or at satellite locations. Taxprolink also contains two input methods: Form Input for seasoned tax pros and Interview Input for new employees getting to know the complexities of tax preparation. Taxprolink allows you to make better decisions on running your office while helping all employees be as productive as possible.

Taxprolink is available in two tiers. Taxprolink Web Edition allows users to access all features and process an unlimited number of returns. Taxprolink 25 Return gives users access to the same features but is limited to 25 returns and is perfect for small or individual tax preparation operations. With this flexible pricing, we provide our clients with access to the latest in tax preparation technology while allowing them the freedom to scale as they grow.

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A Robust Set of Features For Today’s Tax Preparation Specialists

Feature 25 Return Unlimited
Unlimited 1040, 1040NR 25 Returns Unlimited
All States checkmark checkmark
Free E-filing checkmark checkmark
Free Support checkmark checkmark
Multi-user Access checkmark checkmark
Client Manager checkmark checkmark
Client Organizer checkmark checkmark
Bank Products checkmark checkmark
Interview Input checkmark checkmark
Document Manager checkmark checkmark
Toll-Free Sales Department checkmark checkmark
Auto-Backup Feature checkmark checkmark
Direct Input checkmark checkmark
Business 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 2290, 5500, 720, 706, 709, 990, 8849 checkmark checkmark
All Business States checkmark checkmark
Electronic Signature checkmark checkmark
Image/Barcode Scanner checkmark checkmark
Product Pricing $499 $849
TaxProLink has helped me every step of the way with launching my tax business! They are always available to help, and they offer a free demo of their program! 5 star review - Laura R.
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We Have Partnered With the Best Financial Institutions in the Country to Provide Your Clients With Instant Returns

When you use Taxprolink, you have access to the instant refund products your clients will appreciate. Taxprolink allows you to file an instant refund seamlessly right from our interface. Your clients will receive their refund faster and with less complication than other tax preparation software. We have built strong relationships with multiple financial organizations and are proud to offer these fantastic tools to you and your clients.

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When You Have an Issue, You Need Support That Gets You Up and Filing Quickly

At Taxprolink, we don’t dump a tax preparation solution on our clients and walk away. We understand that, especially during the busy tax season, you need support and guidance to help keep you and your team productive and meeting your clients’ expectations. When you experience an issue, our goal is to solve that problem in one phone call. Our certified technical and multilingual support team is available 24 hours a day to help you get back online. When you call, you will speak to a skilled and knowledgeable tax expert, not a computer. Customer service and support are at the core of what we do.

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Protecting You and Your Business From the High Costs of Tax Audits

Taxprolink is proud to partner with the industry-leading audit protection service available today. +Protection Plus offers assistance to tax professionals and their clients in the event of tax filing errors. When mistakes have been made, and the IRS is reaching out, it is essential to have the right team to help guide your and your clients through the complicated process of remediating tax errors. Their team of tax professionals represents you when dealing with the IRS and even offers cash reimbursement in the event of legitimate preparer errors. You cannot afford not to protect your business. See how +Protection Plus can help you today.

Protect Yourself with ProtectionPlus